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Annually, inspect the elevators and associated equipment.                     



Submit to you a written report of all deficiencies noted which are to be corrected by your elevator maintenance company under their existing full maintenance contract with you, at no additional cost to the building owners and managers.                    


FOLLOW-UP SITE VISITS                    

A copy of the report is then mailed to your elevator maintenance company and we shall follow through to ensure that all items are corrected.                    


REVIEW TROUBLE CALLS                    

Review all trouble calls to determine where problems can be eliminated in order to avoid any down time of the elevators.                    



Review any unusual bills from your elevator maintenance company to determine if the bills should be covered under your full maintenance contract.                    



Review proposals submitted by your elevator maintenance company. We will review the proposal to establish if the proposal is necessary and then establish if the proposal is valid and not in conflict with a service already covered by the terms of a full maintenance contract with your elevator maintenance company.                    


CONTINUAL AVAILABILITY                    

Be available throughout the year to assist you with any questions you may have concerning your elevators.                    

Annual "On-Going" Consultation

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