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Please refer to “Detailed Equipment Evaluation”                    



Modernization Specification:                    

A modernization specification is developed to be utilized for the bid process with elevator contractors. The modernization specification will specify the elevator(s) to be modernized; the sequence and schedule of the modernization; the codes by which to follow; a detailed list of the individual components to be rehabilitated, replaced, and/or retained; the accepted procedures and standards of workmanship; modernization maintenance, "one-year" warranty maintenance, and other contractual issues designed to protect the Owner and produce the best possible equipment modernization.                    


Maintenance Agreement Specification:                    

Development of a detailed Full Maintenance Agreement to direct the elevator maintenance contractor in the proper performance of maintenance on the vertical transportation equipment. The maintenance agreement will become effective after the One Year Warranty Maintenance period. Document to focus on monthly preventative maintenance which is critical to extending equipment life. Document to address repair and replacement items, parts' inventory, trouble call service, expected equipment performance levels, etc. Exhibits to the Maintenance Agreement Specification dictate required man-hours to be performed on each piece of equipment. Term of the Agreement to be determined by Owner.                    


Bidding Documents:                    

A package of bidding documents will be assembled to accompany the modernization specification such as Request for Proposal, Instruction to Bidders, Bid Submission Form and Bidder's Qualification Statement. This package ensures an equitable and competitive bid process.                    



Project Job Walk & Technical Inquiry:                    

A walk-through of the project is scheduled with the elevator company invitees to review the maintenance agreement in detail as well as provide an opportunity for the elevator service companies to visually examine the equipment.                    


Contractor Interviews:                    

Interview potential elevator service companies to review qualification and understanding of project. Review and resolve any exceptions and clarifications taken to the contract documents.                    


Analysis of Bids and Recommended Award of Contract:                    

Organize and develop a spreadsheet of the results of the bids submitted by the elevator service companies. Provide a written report of the bid results and, if desired, offer our recommendation for the award of contract.                    



Submittal Review:                    

Contractor's shop drawings and equipment data will be reviewed to verify conformance with the intent of the contract documents.                    


Follow Up Compliance Inspections:                   

Perform follow-up site inspection to: Verify contractor's compliance to the modernization specification; Develop a punch list of all non-compliant items; Comment on quality of workmanship; and Denote the percentage of progress based on the scheduled completion.                    


Contractor's Billings:                    

Review all Contractors’ billing prior to payment to ensure that work being billed by contractor has indeed been completed in accordance with the specifications Final Acceptance Inspection: A final inspection of the modernized elevator(s) will be performed upon completion of modernization and before final payment is made to Contractor. Any non-compliance items will be written up and submitted to the elevator contractor for correction. We will follow through to verify completion.                    



End of Warranty Inspection:                    

Perform an inspection of the elevator(s) sixty (60) days prior to the end of the One Year Warranty Period. This will be a thorough evaluation of the elevator(s). A punch list of all deficiencies noted shall be submitted to your elevator maintenance company to be completed under their full maintenance contract, at no additional cost to the Owner. We shall follow through to ensure that all work is completed.                    

Modernization Specifications

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